Lenenergo created a network of client service centers in 2009, making it possible to develop a well-adjusted and comfortable system of integrated consumer service in the region. Lenenergo opened client service centers in the Pushkin, Vyborg, Kingisepp, Gatchina, and Luga districts of the Leningrad Region.

Furthermore, new power sources were constructed in 2009, including No. 167 Volkovskaya 110-kV substation, which will provide reliable electricity supplies to the Frunze and Moskovsky Districts of Saint Petersburg and the Frunze radius of the metro, and No. 322 Vyritsa 110/35/10-kV substation in the Gatchina District of the Leningrad Region, which will provide electricity to the Vyritsa, Susanino, Semrino, Kobralovo, Novelty, Sluditsy, Miny, Kaushta, and Krasnitsy districts. On January 27, 2009, registered ordinary and preferred shares of Lenenergo were included in the RTS "A" quotation list of the second-level. This is an important step in the formation of the company’s investment attractiveness, openness and transparency, confirming Lenenergo’s place among the leading companies in the industry.